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Friendlier Footprint - Wisdom Box

Friendlier Footprint - Wisdom Box

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In an age of social media, real-time news updates, influencers and #lifehacks, the need to slow down is more important than ever. We interviewed Canadian women (including Marisa Rocca) from coast to coast. We asked them to share their tidbits of wisdom with us. For some, it may have been heard before but resonated with them over time. For others, it is a lesson they have learned through their years and want to share with others. The idea behind the wisdom box is to invite you to take a moment to pause, read one of the 31 cards, and reflect on the words of wonderfully wise Canadian women. There are also 5 blank cards for you to share your wisdom or add wisdom from a loved one or friend. Perhaps said best by one of our participants, Nic Hoffman: "Take time for stillness and true contemplation. Ask yourself questions, take time to answer honestly, and listen to all your body tells you." Wisdom boxes make a beautiful gift for anyone on your list- or serve as a great reminder to yourself to pause and take a moment in your own day to celebrate these words. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our first Wisdom Box. This project was inspired by the desire to give wise women a voice in peoples' homes through artful expression. We hope you experience the same awe and admiration for these women. A portion of all Wisdom Box sales is donated to CAMH. READ - REFLECT - DISPLAY - SHARE 

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