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Sotto Sotto Candle - Moments

Sotto Sotto Candle - Moments

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Our Sotto Sotto Candles are curated by Kandl- Artistique, a family-owned business that has been one of the world’s top candle makers for almost 50 years. This candle uses a soy-based wax, selected to minimize the charcoal residue, maximize burn time and evenly pace the scent release to allow you to fill your personal spaces with enough fragrance to enhance both memory and mood. 

Moments Candle Fresh and floral with light and woody finishing notes. 

Mangia bene, Ridi Spesso, Ama Tanto.

Please allow 24-48hrs for your order to be processed. Once processed please allow 24-48hrs for your order to be ready for pick up/delivery. All products are curated and assembled in-house with our Sotto Sotto Team. We appreciate your patience. Grazie!

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